TCBB demonstration event in Co Tipperary
TCBB demonstration event in Co Tipperary in April 2015


A number of practical demonstration events were held to showcase ReNEW pilot plants.

One of the largest was hosted by Ireland’s national Technology Centre for Biorefining and Bioenergy (TCBB) in Co. Tipperary.
Around 200 people attended the event in April 2015, which focused on the economic and sustainability potential of valorising Ireland’s rich organic waste.

Welcoming delegates TCBB’s technology leader Bart Bonsall spoke about Ireland’s potential in terms of raw materials from organic by-products, wastes and residues if we can bridge the gap up to the multi-tonne commercial demonstration-scale stage of development.

“This event…is about showing the technologies developed at lab-scale in the universities in partnership with industry, the pilot-scale activities carried out by the TCBB on-site with industry and the huge potential of demonstration and deployment of these technologies in Ireland to benefit eh economy and create job,” he said.

From the ReNEW perspective, the event focused on the pyrolysis technologies, with TCBB’s Dr Marzena Kwapinska taking delegates through the work of TCBB’s University of Liege team pyrolysing organic wastes such as the poultry litter and spent mushroom compost.

Meanwhile, two innovative technologies – low energy palletisation and a large scale high temperature reactor – were featured at an event in Queen’s University.

Held in the David Keir building, around 40 people attended the demonstration, including ReNEW partners, TCBB at University of Limerick/National University of Ireland Galway and WRAP, and industry representatives from Westland Horticulture, Williams Industrial Services and CONEXPO.
ReNEW project co-ordinator, Dr Gary Sheldrake, gave an overview of the project, while Jane Turrel from Wrc, an independent centre of excellence for innovation and growth, discussed environmental technology verification.

Information about the large scale high temperature reactor was presented by Dr Kevin Morgan, from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Queen’s and attendees got the opportunity to view the equipment, with guidance from his colleague, Chris McCallum. The low energy palletisation technology was presented by John Gilbert.

Reactor event at Queen's
Queen's Chris McCallum explains the large scale high temperature reactor

TCBB also held a demonstration day for industry at NUI Galway in January 2015, with a particular focus on waste papers and whey. 

Meanwhile, novel pre-treatment technologies for the chemical and biological conversion of lignocellulosic biomass and wastes to useful materials and fuels was the topic during an event, again organised by TCBB, in March 2015.