TCBB at University of Limerick NUI Galway

TCBB at University of Limerick/NUI Galway

University of Limerick (UL) is the legal entity representing TCBB (The Centre for Biorefining and Bioenergy).

TCBB led WP3 (Technological Innovation), and will participate in all RENEW activities. Its role will include work with EU bodies, companies and research institutions to provide support for regulatory compliance requirements across EU jurisdictions and to develop the value chains that will lead to job creation and regional economic development.

TCBB will also participate on the transnational technical team to evaluate and develop thermo chemical or thermo enzymatic processing of various waste/residual feedstocks from agri-food companies and municipal wastes processors. TCBB will assist in development of bio-synthesis capabilities to produce bio-plastics/bio-chemicals and liquid biofuels from waste. 

TCBB will offer training programmes for bio synthesis processing and education courses for public or other interested bodies.

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