Belfast City Council

Belfast City Council

Belfast City Council’s Waste Management Service is responsible for the provision of waste treatment and disposal solutions for the city in compliance with EU and national legislation. It also provides a range of recycling facilities and, together with Cleansing Services, waste collection schemes for Belfast. To deliver these functions, it needs to plan for future outcomes and consider how to include resource security within its policy-making. It is critical that it explores new technologies that meet with the proximity principal of sustainable waste management and maximise the economic benefits of the recovered resources.

A commercial waste collection is also available from the council, a market which provides an ideal opportunity to harvest high quality resources for wider remanufacture or energy generation. The Service appreciates the benefits of partnership with other bodies to achieve goals and works with QUESTOR at Queen’s University Belfast, the Economic Development Unit (EDU) in the Council and other national bodies to achieve these.

In order to contribute to this project and bring to market new technologies, Waste Management is working closely with EDU. This Service works with a range of private, statutory and community partners to support business growth in the city. They do this by developing and delivering a range of business programmes and events, engaging in promotional activity and influencing the policy of government bodies responsible for economic regeneration in the city.

The target audience is the micro and small business sector. In line with the wider changing perspective of waste (i.e. towards resources management), the opportunities for reuse and recovery are increasingly being recognised though and this has led Waste Management and EDU into working closely together on this and other projects. Recently, this has been in order to create “content” and new jobs for the North Foreshore (N4S) which could become a hub of activity for new technologies in the resources sector as identified through the ReNEW project, as well as other employment prospects across the city.

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