AREBS is the agency for economic redeployment of the Seraing area which aim is to revitalise the territory. It is a generalist support organism able to gather information and to provide solutions to the economic sector through its local, national and international networks.

It is involved in various economic development projects to raise the territorial appeal as a network that promotes synergies and innovation for waste management. The organisation has important contacts with the national and regional institutions and ensures every action is in line with the policies of Belgium and the Province of Liège.

In the framework of the ReNEW project, AREBS worked closely with CTP (Centre Terre & Pierre) and cluster VAL+ as sub-partners of the project. Both are specialised in solid waste treatment and valorisation and are complementary.

The three institutions took the lead on the transnational action plan (Action 7), the downstream processing (Action11) and the project road show elaboration to disseminate the project outputs (Action16). AREBS managed the production of a film used as an important support material for the project Road show and which is still used by regional stakeholders. CTP developed, together with other research centres, several loops for resource recovery. Val+ provided advice and highlights on policy support and strategy. It was also acting as a channel to communicate about the project to its members.

AREBS and sub-partners also participated in other actions of WP1, 2, 3 and WP4. NEXT (regional financial platform for circular economy) and Greenwin (cluster for sustainable innovation) have joined the regional steering committee of the project.

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